The meeting took place on 30th September to 3nd October 2021 and hosted by the Project Coordinator  Gymnázium P. Křížkovského s uměleckou profilací in Brno, Czechia. The meeting was attended by representatives from all partners countries: Czechia, Greece, Spain, Italy, Poland.

The main project activities were:

  • review of the project website
  • a brief feedback session of the current website
  • discussion of required changes to the project website
  • review of the project Logo and Facebook Page
  • presentation of the learning platform which will allow users to access teaching module materials
  • closer introduction to the topic “Complex Education Module” – main pillars, common ideas.
  • presentation of some samples of the Complex Education Module, including the main pillars (elements)
  • brainstorming of main topics for the Complex Education Module
  • division of (new) tasks untill next TPM in 2022, with timetables and responsibilities