Since 1993, the private Pavel Křížkovský Gymnasium s artská profiláci, s.r.o. has been offering an eight-year and a four-year educational program that expands the classical high school education by music, art and theater and a large number of optional subjects.

The combination of high-quality general education at the high school level and artistic fields is very beneficial. The labor market of the next decade will require not only a good general education, but also communication dexterity, creativity and the ability to find new solutions from experts in various professions. We are convinced that we have found the recipe for awakening and developing these skills in students. This is evidenced by the high success rate of our high school graduates in university admissions and, finally, success in matriculation exams.

The institute of Frai Juan Zumarraga-Durango is celebrating the 50th anniversary of its creation this academic year 2017-2018. For this commemoration, an open competition has been called to create a new logo that will identify us in the coming years. The call was a great success as eighty five designs were presented. More than half have been created by designers from our area, the rest sent from various communities in the state. The design presented by Jose Manuel Puga’s “Puga-Proyectos de diseño gráfico” studio from Madrid was the winner. This work group specializes in advertising, poster design, packaging and corporate image designs and has won numerous recognitions and awards during its long career.In the memo to explain the project, the author gives two explanations to justify the image:Shape: The image is based on the letters F and J (Frai Juan). Through the process of simplifying these forms, an intersection has been created that suggests a meeting point. Colors: The Institute is a space for culture, coexistence and looking to the future. The colors of the logo are a reflection of these three values: green is related to the geography, language and culture of the area, purple is about coexistence and gender equality efforts, and the red in the center is a symbol of the strength of the student body and the future.

1st EPAL Kalampakas (1st Vocational High School of Kalampaka) is a vocational and Training Institution in the city of Kalampaka, in central Greece. It serves the educational needs of young people who need to finish Secondary Vocational Education. There are approximately 35 teachers and 200 students of different age groups who have the opportunity to be trained in different fields of study like: Vehicle Technology, Electrical Engineering, Finance and Administration, Food Technology and Information Technology. The school provides students with two different titles: a Secondary Education Certificate and a Diploma of Specialisation (level 3) which offers them an acknowledged professional qualification for the labour market.

The Joachim Lelewel Secondary School No. VI (VI Liceum Ogólnokształcące im. Joachima Lelewela) has existed for more than 70 years. It was established in 1945 in the building at Podmiejska Street as Junior Secondary School and Co-Educational Secondary School and in 1946 it was transformed into Secondary School No. VI. In August 2019, the school was moved to a building at Deotymy Street.Our school profile is dominated by arts and humanities and because of that extra classes are conducted. These include theater, film and journalism workshops, philosophy, history of art, history of cinema and other. In addition to English, students can learn Spanish, French or Italian. For years, theater and theater-film classes have enjoyed the greatest interest, attracting students not only from Łódź and its vicinity, but from all over Poland. Our school is also involved in many European projects (Erasmus+ and PoWER). As a result, our students and teachers participate in school exchanges and other activities with partners from all over Europe.